Ian Martin has worked in several St. Louis kitchens over the last 6 years. After moving here from his hometown in Central Illinois to attend culinary school, he begins his career working at The Vine in St. Charles under Sam Boettler (currently at Planter’s House). Upon graduation, he goes on to work at Nathalies, Zydeco Blues, Tripel and Eleven Eleven before arriving at The Block, in 2015.

Ian is first introduced to the farm-to-table concept while working at Tripel and Eleven Eleven, which has made for a smooth transition to The Block, as Chefs Marc Del Pietro and Brian Doherty had adapted this concept in 2011.  While at The Block, he has developed a close relationship with the farmers-- learning how weather patterns affect the crops they plant, grow and harvest. Like most chefs, he enjoys a beer at the end of the night (or on a rare night off) and, with the many great local breweries around town, he has become interested in the process behind the craft brews served in the restaurant--all of this inspiring the Providers STL Dinner Series.

Ian's vision is to share the knowledge he has acquired and continues to acquire from the local St. Louis farming and brewing community with you – the guests ultimately eating and drinking these products.

Do you love steak but have no idea why there’s such a big deal about grass-fed? Wondering why ‘antibiotic-free’ chicken costs more? Why a certain beer isn’t available from your favorite local craft brewery year-round? Why can’t you get local tomatoes in St. Louis in the winter? How are crops affected when the temperature goes from 70 to 30 degrees in 48 hours? These are all questions that Ian wants to be answered for you during the Providers STL Dinner Series. This series is a great way for you to learn why ‘Shop Small, Shop Local,’ is important and all of the positive effects it can have on you and your community... in a night of Good Food, Good Drink, Good Talk.